Frying Guides (For Residential & Commercial Kitchen Use)

Download this handy Cooking Oil frying chart and keep it on your kitchen wall to make sure you always take care of your cooking oil and fry at the correct temperatures.


  • Clean your fryer daily
  • Always fry at the correct temperature for the food item
  • Defrost food before frying
  • Remove floating food particles from oil while frying
  • Top up your fryer with clean oil to extend the frying life of your oil
  • Filter your oil daily whilst warm (NOT HOT) to prolong the life span of the oil
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Oil Care Usage Charts (For Commercial Kitchen Use)

Download this oil care chart to ensure correct usage of our products at all times and make sure that your staff understand and read the testing strips correctly.


  • Always fry at the correct temperatures
  • Never overfill the frying basket
  • Stick to the correct frying time for the food item
  • Maximise your oils frying life through skimming and filtering
  • Discard old oil
  • Ensure old oil is collected & disposed in the correct legal manner
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